Road Weather Event Week 2019

36 Minutes

Janne Miettinen (FMI)

FMI's collaboration with the Destia winter maintenance management center

Published: 18 December 2019

FMI provides road weather forecasts for all road maintenance companies in Finland that provide maintenance operations for the state. The service is defined by the Finnish Transport Agency, which services and products are included and what are the ways they are delivered.
Addition to this FMI has had a long Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) with the biggest maintenance company in Finland called Destia. At FMI's weather center Destia’s road maintenance supervisors have worked side by side with FMI’s meteorologists for 17 winters. This procedure has been found fruitful for both parties so that we can support each other on road weather related issues. FMI has developed several applications by itself and together with Destia to help operating the maintenance work.

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