Case Study

Rapid Cyclogenesis over Central Europe

17 November 2004

120 Minutes

Andre Obregon
Jan Cermak
Joerg Bendix
Wilfried Jacobs

Rapid Cyclogenesis over Central Europe

Published: 17 November 2004

In November 2004 a rapid cyclogenesis took place over central Europe. The cold front crossed central Europe in NW direction and brought intense precipitation in these areas. Strong gusts in Germany were restricted to higher regions. The storm reached its maximum on 19 November in the Tatra Mountains (Slovakia, southern Poland) where winds were orographically strengthened. On the lee side of the High Tatras, Wind speeds reaching about 80 to 100 kt in gusts were measured which had major impact on the environment.

The case study follows the development of a rapid cyclogenesis event with its origin over the Atlantic Ocean. Over central Europe an advanced stage of the Rapid Cyclogenesis can be observed. The mature stage is reached over Eastern Europe, represented by the development into a huge cloud spiral moving over Russia.

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Rapid Cyclogenesis, Synoptic Scale Meteorology