Case Study

Large Amounts of Precipitation over the Iberian Peninsula

02 October 2007

120 Minutes

Jarno Schipper
Ramon Vazquez

Large Amounts of Precipitation over the Iberian Peninsula

Published: 02 October 2007

The meteorological background to this case is rather classical with a persistent cyclone over the Atlantic and a frontal system over the Iberian Peninsula. Especially in the upper layers of the atmosphere the cyclone over the Atlantic causes a continuous flow of warm humid air in the direction of Spain. In the lower layers in the beginning of the case a frontal zone is recognized over Central Spain.

Within this frontal zone already at the beginning convective cells are seen embedded. Occasionally the development of V-shape storms indicates how fierce the convection is at these areas. A final extra chapter on a F2 Tornado in Mallorca concludes this case study.

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Cyclogenesis, Convection, Tornado, Hydrology, Flash Flood, Cyclone, Upper Level Low, V-shape, HIRLAM