Precipitation - EW 2020

34 Minutes

Leo Pio D'Adderio (ISAC)

Characterization and monitoring of heavy precipitation events in the Mediterranean using H SAF products and satellite observation

Published: 21 December 2020

The Mediterranean Sea is recognized as a climatic hotspot, often affected by severe weather events that are becoming more and more frequent in the last decades. Extreme events originating over the Mediterranean Sea and hitting the coast can have tremendous impact both from hydrological point of view as well as in terms of human and economic losses. Among these events, increasing attention has been recently devoted to the so-called Mediterranean hurricanes (Medicanes) or tropical-like cyclones (TLCs) as well as to the severe precipitation events associated to atmospheric rivers. This presentation shows the potentials of H SAF products together with measurements collected by active and passive microwave sensors onboard LEO satellites for the characterization and monitoring of the precipitation associated to severe weather events during their different evolution phases.

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