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Passage of intense cold front over Europe

29 February 2008

120 Minutes

Wilfried Jacobs
Jarno Schipper
Rob Groenland

Passage of an intense cold front over Europe (Storm Emma)

Published: 29 February 2008

From 29 February to 1 March 2008, partly heavy thunderstorms with severe gusts and hail caused damages at several regions in Middle Europe. During only 12 hours a cold front and a succeeding convective line crossed Germany.

The storm Emma was a typical example of line convection with downbursts during a southeast movement of a storm field over the North Sea. The average velocity of the convective line was 110 km/h, sometimes 150 km/h. Behind the cold front dry atmospheric air (equivalent to high Potential Vorticity (PV)) could be recognised in the Airmass RGB.

Based on satellite imageries and numerical parameters the development of this event can be observed.

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Rapid Cyclogenesis, Convection, Downburst, Potential Vorticity, Synoptic Scale Meteorology