NWCSAF PPS v2018 Introduction

66 Minutes

Nina Håkansson (SMHI)
Sara Hörnquist (SMHI)

NWCSAF training: online introduction lectures on scientific and technical aspects of the PPS v2018 software package

Published: 28 May 2019

The EUMETSAT SAF to support Nowcasting (NWCSAF) develops two software packages, one for geostationary imagery and one for polar satellite imagery. Both packages retrieve cloud and other parameters relevant for nowcasting and other applications relying on cloud detection. For more information see www.nwcsaf.org

The Polar Platform System (PPS) software package retrieves information on clouds and precipitation from Terra, Aqua, MetOp and S-NPP. The recent release of PPS v2018 features also a number of scientific and technical updates.

The introduction lecture is addressed to users of PPS wanting to update their application, but also to prospective new users.

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Presentations (PDF):

Powerpoint PPS v2018 Scientific Introduction
Powerpoint PPS v2018 Technical Instruction