Case Study

MPEF Divergence

12 September 2010

60 Minutes

Christo Georgiev
Liliane Hofer

MPEF Divergence

Published: 02 November 2011

On September 12th 2010 a major PV anomaly, in the rear of a cold front, moved over France and hit Germany and Switzerland in the late evening and also Austria during the night. On the front side of this anomaly convective cells developed and brought some rain showers and thunderstorms. At first the ECMWF-model, especially the 00 UTC run from September 12th, was lacking performance shifted the PV maximum more westward. In this case study we analyse not only the synoptic situation, but also the model error. In the following we take a look at the MPEF (Meteosat Product Extraction Facility) Divergence product, how it works and whether it would have been helpful in this case as a nowcasting tool.

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Divergence, PV anomaly, Thunderstorm, Convection, Divergence, Cold Front, ECMWF, Model