Case Study

Massive Snowfall over the Netherlands and Germany

25 November 2005

120 Minutes

Andre Obregon
Jan Cermak
Joerg Bendix
Wilfried Jacobs

Massive Snowfall over the Netherlands and Germany

Published: 25 November 2005

The case study describes the merging process of a comma-like cloud feature with a cold front cloud band. The term instant occlusion is used because the mature stage of the development shows a cloud spiral similar to that of a normal occlusion. But the meteorological processes are totally different from an occlusion process where advection of cold air lifts warm air. The process took place in an area of cold air without a warm front being present.

The subsequent snowfall caused an outage of power plants leaving people without heating and electricity for several days.

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Instant Occlusion, Comma, Snow