Case Study

Madeira devastating fires

120 Minutes

Angela Lourenco, IPMA
Carla Barroso, IPMA
Nuno Simões, IPMA
Isabel Monteiro, IPMA
Margarida Belo Pereira, IPMA
João Rio, IPMA

Madeira Devastating Fires

Published: 21 October 2019

In early August 2016, a series of wildfires raged across Madeira Island, in the North Atlantic Ocean, prompting the evacuation of more than one thousand people, destroying about 105 homes as well as a five-star hotel in Funchal, the main city in Madeira, and causing the death of 4 people. Flights at Madeira airport were disrupted due to the smoke. The fires caused ca. 60 million euros in losses. An area of ca. 3000 hectares was burned. This case study investigates the synoptic background that lead to this natural disaster.

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