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Convective clouds merging over Huaihe River in China

22 July 2008

30 Minutes

Huang Yong

Convective clouds merging over Huaihe River in China

Published: 22 July 2008

The 22nd of July 2008 was marked by a motion of a vortex with several convective cells along a frontal cloud band. At the leading edge of a frontal cloud system, lots of thunderstorms reported on the ground stations, and heavy rain, strong wind and lighten were observed. All of this weather events with caused enormous agriculture damage and economical lost. As the movement of vortex, several convective cells emerged and became a larger MCC because of merging each other, then the MCC was merged with a north MCC and brought severe weather in cloud area. So in this case, two different merging were analyzed in this case, first is the merger of cells and the second is a MCC merging with another one.

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Convection, Vortex