HSAF User Workshop 2022

16 Minutes

Aynur Şensoy (Eskişehir Technical University)

How to Use H SAF Snow Extent Products for Snowmelt Runoff Predictions

Published: 7 February 2022

Developing satellite technology offers new products to simulate different hydrological processes. These products are invaluable in hydrological applications for mountainous areas where observation data is relatively limited. The H SAF project offers snow products over complex topographies.

The daily snow cover dataset derived by H SAF SE-E-SEVIRI (H10) is evaluated on the mountainous terrain of the Upper Euphrates Basin. Snow-covered area data is processed and analyzed. Snow depletion curves are extracted and used as basic forcing data in a conceptual model. The impact of the product is assessed by the model performance for runoff prediction results (KGE> 0.85) and also demonstrated in comparison to a well-known data set of MODIS.

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