HSAF User Workshop 2022

11 Minutes

Hamidreza Mosaffa (CNR-IRPI)

Drought analysis over the USA using long-term climatological SM2RAIN datasets

Published: 7 February 2022

Investigation of drought variability requires long term rainfall dataset with high spatial and temporal resolution. The goal of this study are as follow: 1) to develop the long-term climatological SM2RAIN datasets for the period of 1998–2020 at 0.25° spatial and monthly temporal resolution by merging two rainfall SM2RAIN products including SM2RAIN-CCI and SM2RAIN-ASCAT, and 2) to the analysis of drought based on standardized precipitation index over the USA. Results indicated that the most significant decreases in the monthly rainfall trends appear in November. In addition, drought occurred during 2003, 2007, and 2012 over most parts of the USA..

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