Case Study

Heavy rain and floods

17 September 2010

60 Minutes

Tanja Renko
Mateja Irsic Zibert

Heavy rain and floods

Published: 29 February 2012

Last days of summer 2010, Slovenia and Croatia were marked by heavy rainfall and floods. The precipitation amounts in some parts of Slovenia was exceeding all recorded rainfall amounts in the last 100 years causing immense property damage and even human casualties. In the western part of Slovenia locally more then 500 mm of rain fell in 48 hours. Huge part of Slovenian territory was flooded, which included also more than 8200 houses.

The amount of rain in Croatia was not so great. In Gorski Kotar region (mountain area in the western part of Croatia) and in Istria in three days 200 to 300 mm of rain was reported causing mostly flash floods. The main problem in Croatia was the water that was brought by Sava river from Alpine region. Because of the instantaneous unit hydrograph the southern part of Zagreb was flooded for several days.

Even though the prognostic material was giving the clear sign of a probability of heavy rain and the warnings were issued several days in advance, the amount of precipitation was so big that the damage was not possible to avoid.

This case study explains the processes that led to severe flooding and specialty of this study is that it brings and introduces H-SAF as a tool for detail monitoring which is of great help to the meteorological and hydrological specialists during and after the event. In this case study products of H-SAF are explained and some samples are presented.

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