Case Study

Flash Flood in Istanbul

09 September 2009

30 Minutes

Aydin Erturk
Jarno Schipper

Flash Flood in Istanbul

Published: 09 September 2009

Torrential rainfall during the second week of September caused floods in the Istanbul area in Turkey. As a result there were 32 casualties. Below we have pictured some satellite images with NWP. Striking is the Upper Level Low found over Central Turkey. This results in the advection of moist, unstable airmass from the Black Sea and topographic uplift which result in numerous rounds of showers and thunderstorms in the region. The cold temperatures found in the upper layers of the cold core low and its contrast to the warm surface causes the CBs to grow extreme in the vertical and producing lots of rain. Moreover, a weak wind field results in the slow storm movements.

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Upper Level Low, Precipitation