Case Study

Cyclogenesis over Scandinavia and the Baltic states

02 March 2004

120 Minutes

Jarno Schipper
Veronika Zwatz-Meise

Cyclogenesis over Scandinavia and the Baltic states

Published: 02 March 2004

A cyclogenesis is a rather complex process leading to an occlusion stage of a frontal system. There are at least two main theories: the classical occlusion process according to the polar front theory and the rapid cyclogenesis being a result of several processes where stratospheric and tropospheric features are acting together.

This case shows a very intensive development from a small scale comma to a synoptic scale cloud spiral. What makes this case so special is the fact that the cloud configurations are deviating from the usual development process of an occlusion spiral. Moreover the relevant NWP parameters demonstrate a situation with high potential for further developments.

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Cyclogenesis, Comma, Cold Air Development, Synoptic Scale Meteorology