Case Study

Cyclogenesis in the Mediterranean

27 February 2004

120 Minutes

Natasa Strelec Mahovic
Dunja Mazzocco Drvar

Cyclogenesis in the Mediterranean

Published: 27 February 2004

The Mediterranean Sea favours the development of weak low-pressure systems. In many cases the development begins in or near the Genoa Bay in the mid Mediterranean. Cyclones then move either towards south-east, along the southern coast of Italy and end up in the eastern Mediterranean, or towards north-east, into the Adriatic, where in many cases they get stronger or trigger secondary cyclogenesis. However, once the cyclones are formed, they often produce periods of rainy weather. In this case the development started in the Mid Mediterranean and the cyclone moved north-east, into the Adriatic and was linked to high precipitation and strong bora winds.

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Cyclogenesis, Bora, Synoptic Scale Meteorology