Case Study

Series of convective development over Turkey

26 May 2006

60 Minutes

Dunja Placko Vrsnak
Natasa Strelec Mahovic
Dunja Mazzocco Drvar

Series of convective development over Turkey

Published: 26 May 2006

The case study describes s series of convective developments which took place in front of a cold front as well as within the transition of that cold front. On 25th May first convective development were noticed over Romania at the leading edge of the front. Within the next few hours the convective developments started ahead of the front and were induced by orography.

During the night the convection was linked to the further movement of the cold front. The explosive convective development over Turkey on 26th May is nicely depicted in the set of radar-image and satellite images.

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Orography, Convection