Case Study

Severe Convection over Austria

19 June 2006

60 Minutes

Jarno Schipper

Severe Convection over Austria

Published: 19 June 2006

This case study addresses the formation of convection over Central Europe on 19th June. During that day the former tropical depression Alberto moved from the British Isles towards Scandinavia. In the warm sector of the frontal system several large Mesoscale Convective Systems developed rapidly. The convection was characterized by an extremely unstable atmosphere and a thickness ridge. The onset of convection and also its dissolution were clearly connected to the diurnal cycle.

After sunset only some remnant CBs remained. The comprehensive analysis of this weather event includes numerical parameters, single satellite imageries as well as combined products such as RGBs. Moreover nowcasting tools like the NWCSAF, Radar measurements as well as the INCA analysis were analyzed closely.

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Mesoscale Convective System, Nowcasting, Convection