Occlusion: Cold Conveyor Belt Type

60 Minutes

Veronika Zwatz-Meise
Barbara Zeiner
Ab Maas
Frans Debie
Jos Diepeveen

Occlusion: Cold Conveyor Belt Type

Published: 01 January 2005

An occlusion cold conveyor belt is characterized by a lower ceiling in comparison to the corresponding frontal system. In satellite imageries this lower cloudiness seems to be separated to the frontal cloud band. This is a result of the cold conveyor belt that transports cold sinking air into that region. Additionally the jet crosses the boundary between frontal system and the occlusion which is in contrast to general frontal systems. In consequence in the area of the occlusion the upper leves are rather dry (dry intrustion) due to sinking of dry, stratospheric air masses. This is the second reason why the occlusion cold conveyor belt appears in darker shades of grey than the corresponding frontal system.

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Conceptual Models, Synoptic Scale Meteorology, Conveyor Belt, Occlusion