Baroclinic Boundary

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Veronika Zwatz-Meise
Barbara Zeiner

Baroclinic Boundary

Published: 01 January 2005

Baroclinicity means that in the atmosphere surfaces of constant pressure intersect surfaces of constant temperature (or density), implying that on a surface of constant pressure there exists a temperature gradient. Consequently a horizontal stream on a pressure surface causes a change in temperature. In general the atmosphere is in a baroclinic state. But there are self contained areas with stronger baroclinicity like i.e. fronts. A Baroclinic Boundary has no significant propagation. The Baroclinic Boundary to the rear of a synoptic scale trough is the most frequent type and will therefore serve as an example.

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Conceptual Models, Synoptic Scale Meteorology, Baroclinic Boundary