Polarstern Voyage


Polarstern Voyage

Published: 25 March 2017

On March 21, research vessel 'Polarstern' will embark on one of its regular research trips, from Punta Arenas to Bremerhaven, where it will arrive 30 days later, while gathering valuable meteorological data. The vessel is the most important symbol of German polar research.

Satellite images from around Polarstern can be found on this link:

Satelite Images (New! April 20)

More detailed information about the vessel and photos from its voyage can be found on the links below.

Oliver Sievers, from DWD, will be aboard the vessel during these 30 days and will be writting a blog that we will have a chance to read (last link below).

About the vessel:




Blog: (new entry, April 19)